Journal Club at Dr. V. N. Bedekar Institute of Management Studies Thane College

Journal Club at Dr. V. N. Bedekar Institute of Management Studies Thane College

Dr. V. N. Bedekar Institute of Management Studies Thane College

Journal Club

The Journal Club is the brainchild and grand idea of Dr. Vijay V. Bedekar, Chairman (VPM, Thane). The Journal Club was initiated in 2008 to provide a platform to the faculty members of DR VN BRIMS to exchange ideas and views on areas of common and lateral interests. Each presentation at the Journal Club meeting usually lasts for about fifteen minutes followed by a question and answer session for about ten minutes; all faculty members are cordially requested to be present for the entire duration of the meeting. To date, many Journal Club meetings have been organized at DR VN BRIMS and the faculty members have greatly benefited through the intellectual discussions, research inputs and awareness of ongoing research practices in different functional areas of management viz. Finance, Marketing, Operations, Human Resources, et al. This forum has brought to fore many research themes that the faculty members are utilizing in their academic work or developing further into knowledge assets for dissemination to pertinent stakeholders.

The Journal Club not only contributes towards faculty development and creation of intellectually stimulating environment at DR VN BRIMS but also provides the impetus for achieving the larger goal of being actively involved in building a knowledge society.

Journal Club Presentations
Date Topic Presenter
18th March, 2021 1.Finalization of PEO: By Dr. Pallavi Chandwaskar
2. Understanding of Linkage between Institute Objectives and Vision & Mission: Prof. Mahesh Bhanushali.
Dr. Pallavi Chandwaskar and Prof. Mahesh Bhanushali
15th March, 2021 CO-PO Mapping Prof. Vibhuti Save
1st February, 2021 Teaching Learning Process Dr. Pallavi Chandwaskar
29th December, 2020 Academic Planning Dr. Meenakshi Malhotra
25th November, 2020 A Professional Manager's Journey: Three decades Dr. Arloph Johnvieira
17th October, 2020 Meeting the Criteria of Quality Research Journals Prof. Krunal K Punjani
19th September, 2020 Capital budgeting decision-making practices: evidence from Pakistan Dr. Smita Jape
27th January, 2020 Key Research Dimensions part 2 Prof. Mahesh Bhanushali
21st December, 2019 Key Research Dimensions part 1 Prof. Mahesh Bhanushali
14th November, 2019 Traceability in the Supply Chain Prof. Vibhuti Save
24th October, 2019 Indian Financial Sector: PMC Bank Collapse Prof. Dipti Periwal
3rd October, 2019 Training Need Analysis in the government Regulatory Firm Prof. Kanchan Akshay
29th June, 2019 "Introduction to Cryptocurrencies" Prof Siddesh Soman
18th May, 2019 Brand Storytelling - a marketing tool. Prof Sushama Dave
15th April, 2019 "Digital Pedagogies" ICDP 2019 at AICTE, New Delhi Prof Sandeep Moghe
13th March, 2019 "Operational Transparency"  by Ryan W Buell, an article from HBR March-April 2019 Issue.   Shekar Valagaleti
13th February, 2019 Telecom Accessories business model for Mumbai Prof Harshall Ghandhi
10th January, 2019 Learnings from Paper Development Workshop IIM(A) Dr. Pallavi Chandwaskar
06th December,2018 Factors Influencing the Adoption of Online Trading: A Study of Individual Investors. Dr. Meenakshi Malhotra
29th November, 2018 Changing Consumer Behaviour Paradigms - Does Gender and Marital Status Influence Grocery Shopping Behaviour? Prof Pravin Narang
19th September, 2018 Structural Equation Modeling Prof Krunal Punjani
20th June, 2018 Study and analysis of trends of financial objectives of Mumbai Based companies with a focus on EVA (for period 2002 to 2012) Dr. Smita Jape
30th May, 2018 Development and Validation of Assessing Quality Teaching Rubrics (AQTR), University of Michigan Prof. Mahesh Bhanushali
30th April, 2018 Learning and insights from the course Marketing Analytics" (Beginner Level) from University of Virginia offered through Coursera Prof. Krunal Punjani
17th February, 2018 “The Luck Factor” – Book Review Dr. Sukhada Tambe
6th January, 2018 Applying Lean Thinking in an Educational Institute Prof. Vibhuti Save
25th November, 2017 Learning from Berkshire Hathway letters to the shareholders Prof. Dipti Periwal
28th October, 2017 Edge Strategy Reference from the book - Edge Strategy - A new Mindset for profitable growth Prof. Sushma Dave
11th May, 2017 Book Review: The Three Box Solution Prof. Mahesh Bhanushali, Prof. Krunal K Punjani
29th April, 2017 The deviant citizen: Measuring potential positive relations between counterproductive work behaviour and organizational citizenship behaviour Prof. Sukhada Tambe
15th April, 2017 Study and analysis of Dividend Policies Practice and it's application in Mumbai based corporate houses Dr. Smita Jape
31st March, 2017 The Impact of Customer based Brand Equity on the operations performance of FMCG companies in India Prf. Pravin Narang
28th February 2017 Strategic Management Approached of Indian Companies Prof. Dr. S. S. Bedi
14th February 2017 Long Run Performance with Indian IPOs and its Correlation to Equity Markets Prof. Deepti Periwal
1st October, 2016 Future Progress of Artificial Intelligence Prof. Akshay Vyavahare
3rd September, 2016 Book Review: The Rise and Fall of Nations By Ruchir Sharma Prof. Krunal K Punjani, Prof. Kanchan Akshay
23rd July, 2016 7p's of corporate hospitals - Administrator's Perspective by T. Sreenivas, B Srinivasarao and U Srinivasa Rao Prof. Sunil Saxena
14th May 2016 Relationship Between Financial Leverage and Financial Performance Dr. Smita Jape
15th April, 2016 A Study of New Generation Consumers Preferences on Advertising through Digital Media in Mexico Prof. Mahesh Bhanushali
27th February , 2016 HRM systems and firm performance Prof. Kanchan Akshay
5th February 2015 The Relationship between CRM Strategies Stage on Competitive Advantage: An Analytical Perspective Dr. S. S. Bedi
2nd January, 2015 Cross Border Mergers and Acquisitions Prof. Shebazbano Khan
28th November, 2015 HRD Practices and Philosophy of Management in Indian Organizations Prof. Sukhada Tambe
3rd November, 2015 Mandatory IPO grading: Does it help pricing efficiency? Prof. Dipti Periwal
12th September, 2015 Meta Analysis of criterion related validity of Assessment Center Dimensions Prof. Sheba George
4th May, 2015 Insights by Chanakya - Corporate Pragmatism Dr. Sunmeet Banerjee
21st November, 2014 To Analyze Market Potential for HRIS in Thane & Navi Mumbai with reference to CA Firms Dr. Manjiri Karandikar
17th October, 2014 Global Manufacturing and the future of technology - by Erica R. H. Fuchs Dr. Sanmeet Banerjee
17th October, 2014 Revitalising Management Education Prof. Deepak Agnihotri
26th September, 2014 Transforming Current Liability to Fixed Assets- A case of Demographic Dividends in India Prof. Jyotsna Golhar
26th September, 2014 Performance Improvement through 5S in Small Scale Industry: A Case Study Prof. Vibhuti Save
14th August, 2014 "How growth outliers do it", Harvard Business Review, Jan-Feb 2012 by Ms. Rita Gunther McGrath Prof. Swapna Tamhankar
14th August, 2014 Thesis - Consumer Buying Behaviour towards Cosmetics with special reference to women in Pune City Prof. Sheetal Patil
20th February, 2014 Visit to IIM Kozhikode Prof. Teja Dhulla, Ms. Dipali Hindalekar
29th January, 2014 Study on Management of Finances by India Inc. using CMIE & RBI databases Prof. Pushkar Parulekar
26th December, 2013 The Impact of IT infrastructure flexibility on Strategic Alignment & Applications Implementation by S.H. Chung, R.Rainer Jr. & B.R. Lewis Prof. Suman Mathur
30th November, 2013 Trends in Finance Prof. Smita Jape
23rd November, 2013 Book Review: Innovation in Business Education Prof. Tejal Dhulla
26th October, 2013 Presentation on Proposed Research: In the area of Organizational Behaviour with respect to VPM group of Institutions Prof. Sukhada Tambe, Ms. Aditi Deuskar
26th October, 2013 Presentation of PhD Thesis - Training Evaluation and its effects on Organizational Commitment - An empirical study based on IT sector Dr. Sna Farooqi
7th September, 2013 Study of Academic Excellence indicator Prof. Jyotsna Golhar