Dr. V. N. BRIMS and VPM Thane College - Life


Life at BRIMS comes with a blend of classroom sessions, industry interaction, field visits and bunch of opportunities for personal and professional development. Students are engaged in the learning process through experiential teaching methods that surpass the challenges of classroom teaching sessions. Regular industry interactions are facilitated through seminars, workshops, and entrepreneurial sessions. BRIMS lays a special emphasis on a holistic development of academic intellect, soft skills and interpersonal skills in the management students. Hence, students are engaged in a series of value-builder sessions which involves

  • CSR activities

  • Yoga sessions

  • Sports events – along with industry and alumni

  • Guest lectures, seminars and thoughtful workshops

  • Participation in competitions, events & initiatives taken by Government Bodies, NGOs, other Management Institutes, Management Associations etc.

  • Industry visit

  • Rural Immersion Programme

  • Contests, Quiz, Live Projects

The students are involved in activities that inculcate learning pattern that synergizes with a culture of innovation. The students are groomed in lateral thinking abilities that can help them generate, develop, and pitch great ideas. BRIMS lays special emphasis on values and ethos driven development. The students are not only given management education, but also sensitized about the responsibility of a business towards all stakeholders, which also includes the community at large. BRIMS manoeuvres students to nurture skills wherein they can contribute to the development of the country at large.