Dr. Vijay. V. Bedekar's Chairman motivational and enocuraging message at V. N. BRIMS college Thane

Dr.V. V. Bedekar's Message

I am proud that DR VN BRIMS has completed a decade of its existence. The flagship MMS programme of DR VN BRIMS, is a two years full time Masters Degree Course affiliated to the University of Mumbai and approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). We now have two divisions with an intake capacity of 60 students per division. The recognition for our flagship course validates the benchmarks adopted by DR VN BRIMS and should offer society at large an opportunity to pursue high quality, World class, management education at our Thane campus.

At DR VN BRIMS, we strive to create an environment conducive for management studies and encourage students to be a part of the academic life-force at our well-maintained and well-staffed Thane College Campus. The electronic security system installed in our campus in 2009 provides best-in-class security infrastructure and an assurance of safe, reliable and open environment to all. Education at DR VN BRIMS transcends above and beyond classroom and library driven pedagogy. It aims at a holistic development of students’ personality, honing their skills and innate attributes. Above all, it places great emphasis on character, morality, discipline and attempts to build socially responsible citizens for the nation.

Vijay Bedekar Chairman at Dr. V. N. Bedekar Thane College, Conference meet at Dr. V. N. Bedekar Thane College

We are proud of the intellectual capital of DR VN BRIMS which comprises a large number of visiting faculties who are all eminently qualified professionals from different areas of interest and walks of life, who along with our contingent of well qualified full time faculty, form the nucleus, the critical mass as it were, of knowledge power. It is this knowledge tank which stimulates the students into learning experiences of a totally different order to make them unique, special and exclusive in their overall profile and personality with a well differentiated unique selling proposition(USP).

The achievements at DR VN BRIMS are visible in all spheres - academic rigour and excellence, student activities, seminars, workshops and research publications. Again, our visiting faculty network, along with the network of recruiters for summer internships and full time placements, are the key to industry-academia interactions. Our annual seminars and workshops are yet another redeeming feature adding further value to our contribution to the cause of management education. DR VN BRIMS became an ISO certified institution in July 2008 in a short period of three years since inception. Today, it is eagerly looking forward to achieving the ISO 9001:2008 accreditation and also preparing itself for an accreditation by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA), a body constituted by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) under Section 10 (u) of the AICTE Act, 1987. The faculty and staff of DR VN BRIMS are working under the dynamic stewardship of the Director who brings to the table his vast managerial experience, spanning over 20 years, in reputed multinational companies.

As Chairman of Vidya Prasarak Mandal (VPM), Thane, I, along with the trustees of VPM, pledge to offer the best of infrastructure, quality education and workplace that will protect the fraternity of all stakeholders assuring the dignity of every individual. The vision of VPM (Thane) is to make DR VN BRIMS, an institution of excellence, driven by creativity and innovation, through state-of-the-art infrastructure, with a view to provide quality, value based, education seeking holistic development of students’ and teachers’ personalities to enable them to become socially responsible citizens. I am indeed enthralled by what Shri. Narayana Murthy had to say about VPM’s DR VN BRIMS during a keynote address in a seminar on ‘Challenges for Indian Multinationals’ on 17 May, 2006 at Thorale Bajirao Peshwe Sabhagruha, Thane College Campus. To quote Shri. Narayana Murthy, “You have to showcase a wonderful role model in creating excellent institutions like this.”

The dedicated website of DR VN BRIMS will enable all stakeholders to keep abreast of the latest happenings at the institute and it will certainly be a milestone in our endeavours to utilize state-of-the-art technology, to facilitate deployment of modern means, methods and media for promoting DR VN BRIMS in the knowledge era. In a world of seamless opportunities, DR VN BRIMS is exploring ways of aligning itself with the Government of India’s policy of making India a super knowledge power and also bringing about, by way of consequence, a societal transformation characterized by rapid, but, inclusive growth. I hope that the DR VN BRIMS website will be a potent and powerful platform for a vigorous, virile, viable and value added exchange of information and knowledge to promote, project and provoke the enthusiasm, energy and enterprise of all stakeholders for the cause of the management movement of Thane city, our country and across other cities, countries and continents of the globe.

I congratulate the entire DR VN BRIMS team for their commendable contributions and hope that they will continue to exceed the increasing expectations of society, from all stakeholders of management education in particular and education World in general. I am confident that with increased and improved support from all stakeholders of DR VN BRIMS, we will be able to serve the cause of education with greater vigour and rigour than ever before. I am sure that sooner rather than later DR VN BRIMS will be the cynosure of all eyes.