Research and Publiction at Dr. V. N. BRIMS Thane College

Code of Ethics

Srujan adopts the highest international ethics policy and standards of publishing as followed by American Psychological Association (APA), Publication Manual. Srujan expects articles which are original, bonafide, research duly checked for plagiarism in accordance with the AntiPlagiarism.NET software. Srujan strongly condemns any form of malpractices like fabrication or falsification of data, duplication or excessive fragmentation in accordance with the APA norms. The maximum permitted reliance on others’ work is restricted to 20%.

Srujan also expects that authors must accept responsibility for their papers sent for publication. Further, authors have to base their research on “objective interpretations of evidence and unbiased interpretations of facts” in accordance with the APA Publication Manual, 6 th Edition, P17.

Authors sending their papers to Srujan for publication need to validate and authenticate for the originality of their work as well as vouch safe for their paper being free from plagiarism apart from the declaration that the paper sent has not been published before in, or submitted to, any other journal.

The Editorial Board of Srujan assures all contributors of scientific conduct and protection of their intellectual capital against any abuse or misuse to advance the research interest of any other individual or group without the prior written consent of the author.